Win the Morning, Win the Day

24 November 2020

2020 has been a struggle for a lot of us, the lockdown along with job insecurities and not being able to socialise with friends and family has taken an emotional toll on plenty of people this year. In a year that has thrown up so many uncertainties, Chris Reeves decided to do something to help out.

Chris set up Win The Morning, Win The Day, a weekly get together for people to meet up early in the morning for a walk, a talk and a dip in the sea. This simple meet up has given people the chance to talk about mental health issues, meet new people and get comfortable outside their comfort zones.

After advertising on Facebook, over 100 people turned up to the first meeting and now events are being set up in Leeds, Manchester, Preston, Carlisle, Devon, Poole, Kent, Surrey and even overseas in Bahrain! With interest growing nationwide, the events are proving exceptionally popular and giving people a great opportunity to try something new with a like-minded group.

Konnect Recruit's own Matt Turner has been brought on board to help out with the project as the Corporate Director. Matt's involvement in expanding Win the Morning, Win the Day events will see Konnect supporting the project where we can to help with its awareness and growth.

Chris Reeves spoke with the BBC to explain how it all started: Coronavirus: Sea swims help with lockdown mental health - BBC News

Take the leap of faith and step outside your comfort zone, find out about events coming up here:
Win the Morning, Win The Day public group | Facebook
Win The Morning, Win The Day - Mental Health (

If you interested in discussing how you can support Win the Morning, Win the Day, please contact Matt Turner on

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