How to not miss the best opportunities in a candidate led market

26 October 2021

How to not miss the best opportunities in a candidate led market

The market is currently experiencing more job vacancies and more opportunities across the board than we have seen for a long time.

The expectations of course were a lot more pessimistic for a newly post-pandemic world, so it is with a mixture of surprise, relief and excitement that we steam ahead into a busy market that is absolutely brimming with opportunity!


In times like these, where the market is very much candidate led, the challenge that really arises is how to measure up the options available to you, how to ensure you are not going to miss the best or most suitable roles and keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on, including benchmarking your pay rates and getting involved with the best projects with the best businesses.


So, how will you manage this and make sure you’re not missing a trick?


Build, complete and update your online profile

When opportunity is rife, a good way to ensure you are in the loop is to ensure your presence is updated and completed online. Making sure your LinkedIn profile and presence on any relevant job boards is complete and always ‘open to new opportunities’ is how you can ensure you never miss a beat.


Registering for job alerts

Whatever your sector, registering for job alerts can be a great way to passively stay in the loop of new opportunities as and when they arise - if nothing else this also allows you to keep your eye on the fluctuating pay rates and ensure that you are benchmarking yourself against the working hours, money on offer and types of contracts out there.

You can register as a candidate and sign up for job alerts here.

Partnering with a dedicated recruiter

At Konnect, the priority for our consultants is to not just be experts in their chosen sector, but also completely plugged in to what is happening in their own specific region. As individuals, each team member has their own devoted region mapped out, with every current and future project charted, and management organograms connected with. Make sure you are partnered to a recruiter that knows their sector and region inside out, and make sure they know your situation and ambitions inside out too!

If you want to stay truly connected to the market and its opportunities, get in touch with your local experts;


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Or email to be connected to the right consultant for your exact location:

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