Does Your Business Provide an Effective Working Environment for Growth?

24 November 2021

Does Your Business Provide an Effective Working Environment for Growth?

A building is only as good as its foundations, and a company is only as good as the people that make it what it is. The team provide the foundations for every additional layer; work culture, customer service, quality and consistency of work.

This is even more so the case in recruitment, where you are working alongside a consultant who will work with you as an individual – whether you are a client or a candidate.

The benefits of working together as a team, as a tribe, all pulling in the same direction and unified under one banner – one vision and one culture are undeniable.

It is Konnect’s duty to ensure the environment provided for our team is one in which they can thrive, and we take the responsibility seriously.

Our commitments to our own staff include (but are not limited to!):


Weekend Away for Top Performers

We’ve visited Prague, Porto, Dubrovnik and have many more amazing locations planned to reward our highest performers each year.

But team events aren’t all reserved for the biggest contributors – everyone is celebrated throughout the year with our infamous monthly wrap ups and quarterly nights out and early finishes and beers every Friday!


A Company to Grow With

Our prerogative is to provide our people a place that they love to work, can grow professionally in the way that they want, and can flourish with the business.

We have clear career development and a growth pathway laid out from the very beginning of each new hire’s employment, with regular access to training and development courses.

 We have offices in three Southern UK cities, providing flexibility on where our team members choose to live and work.



Ensuring our team has everything they need includes of course remuneration packages.

A happy and productive team should be able to enjoy the success that we are making of this company together. We commit to our team regular pay reviews for each individual, as well as a loyalty bonuses, standardised bonuses for our support staff, a great commission scheme for consultants. We also champion flexible working, provide bonus days off for birthdays as standard and celebrate Christmas with a huge blowout bringing all our offices together as one big tribe!

A Family Culture of Success

Despite our growth, Konnect has always maintained the family atmosphere. We have quite a stringent hiring process to ensure that we are choosing our family members carefully – if only you got to do that with your own family!

We support our employees through any and all personal challenges inside and outside of work and pride ourselves on our approachable, down to Earth, non-hierarchical management team. We care about each other – it’s as simple as that!

Companies that support their staff, cultivate their strengths, give them the space and atmosphere they need to grow create a more committed and effective working environment create a well-oiled machine which can provide an exponentially better service to the clients and candidates we support.


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