6 Essentials for Your First Day

17 August 2022

6 Essentials for Your First Day on a New Site


Beginning work on a new placement, at a new company, on a new site can be one of the most nerve-wracking things you experience professionally – but it needn’t be.

Nailing your first day on site, whether you’re a veteran in your sector or still quite fresh, is the first and often most important step toward your success.

How can you guarantee you get the most out of it?


Here are 6 tips to take with you.


1.       Plan your Commute

A new site means a new journey to work, and the last thing you want is to discover that Google Maps tells you it will take half an hour longer than anticipated due to morning traffic, etc!
On your first day, you’ll want to arrive as promptly as possible – we all know first impressions are key. They really are! Getting a good night sleep beforehand and arriving early for at least the first day is non-negotiable. Plan your route, check directions at the same time of day you’ll be travelling to ensure you don’t come up against any nasty surprises that delay you.

2.       Dress Appropriately

Of course, preparing what you will wear appropriately ahead of time too can save stress and ensure that you are kitted out properly from day one. Make sure you understand exactly what safety equipment you are expected to have and bring with you, starting with safety boots, hard hat and safety vest. You may require other specialised equipment depending on your role and specific duties – checking all of this ahead of time and coming prepared is key.

To check government PPE guidelines you can click here.

3.       Talk to the Team

Practically, understanding who is doing what around you, the reporting structure, who you should contact in emergencies, or if you’re unable to come into work, etc. is a vital job for day one.
Socialising should never feel forced, but if you are naturally quite shy or reclusive, make a concerted effort on your first day to get to know as many people as possible. Try to remember names, but don’t beat yourself up if it isn’t coming naturally – remember it is a lot less embarrassing to ask for names 3 months into your role that it is to re-ask if your first week or two!

4.       Stay Humble and Willing to Learn

Come in humble, come in open to learn. Don’t assume you already know everything, and don’t underestimate the job you’ve been brought in to do! Quiet confidence is fine ;)
Never be afraid to ask questions. It is better to ask questions early, to get clear on how things work. Remember every company, site, team will have different ways of doing things.

5.       Bring Fuel

Human fuel, that is. Cold food and a refillable bottle of water are essentials. All sites will have different access to places that sell food, or kitchenettes in which you can heat up or cook food.
Oh, and never heat up mackerel even if there is a microwave available!!!
Construction is a physical job – stay hydrated all throughout the day, regardless of the season of the weather / temperature.

6.       Enjoy it!

You are only ever new once, so make the most out of it. Offer help, get involved, keep yourself enthused as much as possible and relish the whole experience.

Give it 100% and you’ll get back 100%.


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