6 keys to securing your first graduate job

07 September 2022

Are you transitioning from education into the big wide world of work? The time between leaving school or university and kicking off your professional career is one of the most significant and daunting times of anyone’s life.

Structured days and only farcical responsibility suddenly judders into self-started, self-managed responsibility!

In order to simplify the switch as much as possible, here are some key pieces of advice to make sure your entry to the world of work is as smooth and successful as it can be!


Your job seeking arsenal. You can equip yourself fully from day 1, with a professional, clean email address and a well-oiled and thought through CV. These are simple, but fundamental pieces of the puzzle and can make the difference between you being taken seriously by recruiters and potential employers alike.

Nail your CV. You are not writing an autobiography, but similarly, you cannot just throw a few bullet points together and be done with it. Your CV is your tool to grab the attention of the potential employer, or recruiter, who will be sifting through hundreds – perhaps thousands(!) of profiles every day. Stick to a maximum of 2 pages, keep the order logical and export as a PDF to avoid formatting issues across platforms.

Know what you’re applying for. The “I’ve sent my CV blindly to every company I could” vibe is one of the biggest pitfalls graduates make in this transition. For maximum impact, referencing the particular opportunity, company or role – or even just matching the right tone of voice in your application – can make a huge difference. Research online, plug in to the lingo, and tune in to the tone being used.
It is a good idea to track your applications on a spreadsheet, keeping key details like ‘hiring manager’, ‘location’, ‘salary on offer’ etc. available to you at a glance.

Your Digital Karma. Your online footprint is available to all to see, and there is no one better equipped to find it than recruiters or potential employers! Making sure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok accounts are representing you in the right way is a vital step in entering the job market in this day and age.
Using LinkedIn to good use can also be a gamechanger – not only do you have the structure available to build an incredibly strong professional projection of yourself, but you also have the ability to connect with potential employers, network with the relevant people and contact recruiters or hiring managers to be proactive in this process.

Keep your head up. Even through doing everything right and to the letter, it may seem like gaining any traction is not happening. It is vital to stay positive – keep it philosophical! Move on as graciously as you can from rejection and keep going.

Be yourself! Seems like basic advice! But there will always be the temptation to try and prove yourself by blagging your experience, or knowledge, or skills. You will always be found out, and there really is no need to try and be anything that you’re not.


Good luck in what could be challenging, but will always be a fulfilling and worthwhile period of your life. Your dedication and enthusiasm will be rewarded!!

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